Painting leads me back to myself; it creates a world in which I can become "I."

There is reality and fantasy in this world, and I move freely between them. Contemporary art gives me this freedom. I allow myself to forget the rules, to break through the limits, and to give myself selflessly to this play. I don't give in. I don't pretend.
I feel the passing flows and the continuity around me, while I desperately search for a more human world.
I want to convey a content rich in emotions, well defined by my beliefs.
My brush on the canvas conveys my vision; the titles of my paintings give a sense of direction. They help indicate the way to and from my soul.
I strongly believe in the deep morality of art and the responsibility of the artist to be true to it.

We all have an image created by ourselves but there is also another one reflecting the view of the others. Which is the true one? I think both are…

I opened the visitors' book and read these:

- "the pictures reek a kind of profound content"
- "the paintings with a harmonious, special color composition transmit feelings and thoughts"
-" Your exhibition pleases the eye and makes the brain work."
-" Your artworks are perfectly suited for representing thoughts, feelings and messages that can not be expressed by any other means; and all that is intensified by the good-sensed selection of the colors, shapes and compositions, which perfectly match those thoughts and feelings."
-" The creations are suggestive, imaginative, and thought-provoking. It was a pleasure to think about them."


I hear often: I have chosen a difficult path.
It is not difficult for me; my small family stands behind me like a strong wall.
I love painting, that's why I do it. I broke the cycle, built up my own world, and thank you, I am fine. I am not alone: we work together with friends, supporters and collectors as a team to make the exhibitions come true. I also hereby would like to thank Them!

The exhibitions exhaust and tire me, but for the many acknowledgements and recognitions I receive on such occasions, it is worth doing.
It is good to see and feel as people open up, honestly share their thoughts and are having a good time. Yes, in the present social situation apathy, bad mood, rushing, negligence, hostility and "pointing fingers at each other" disappear for a couple of hours. We slow down, leave everyday problems behind and everyone has a smile on the face. There is no stronger driving force than this, I think. And there is no need for any.

So this is what my art is about, and I wish you to experience at least a fraction of these moments while browsing. Unfortunately, the internet is unable to recall the atmosphere, what an exhibition provides. If you would take part in my next exhibition, please contact me!

I would like to thank the visitors of my exhibitions, who shared their thoughts with me and I hope we soon meet again as unknown, but not alien familiars.

                                                                                 Réka J. Ferencz

Ferencz J. Réka

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